Breathe, relax and let nature wrap you in its embrace


50 minutes | € 80.00
To give yourself a pleasant and relaxing experience.


50 minutes | € 80.00
Deep massage that loosens contractures and restores myofascial elasticity.


50 minutes | € 80.00
It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system by promoting cells and organs oxygenation, making legs lighter and tissues more elastic.

Face, Head and Neck

50 minutes | € 80.00
Relaxing massage that specifically acts on the tone of facial muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders and neck area.

Foot Reflexology

50 minutes | € 80.00
Technique deriving from the great family of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the hypothesis that the feet are mirrors to the whole body and organs, glands and systems are reflected in them; the pressure exerted on particular points therefore acts energetically on the related areas of the upper part of the body.


50 minutes | € 80.00
Trauma, pain and strong emotions can disturb primary respiration, or the pulsation of the cerebrospinal fluid in which the brain and spinal cord is immersed, and lead to general malaise. The treatment aims to rebalance this primary pulse by bringing the guest back to a state of deep well-being.

Pregnancy Massage

50 minutes | € 80.00
To be defined following a short interview with the operator. The massage is aimed at two individuals, the mother and the baby in her womb. It helps to better enjoy this magical period and to soothe the physiological fatigue due to physical and metabolic transformations.


50 minutes | € 110.00
Japanese technique of energy rebalancing, mainly based on acupressure. With this treatment the sympathetic nervous system, which corresponds to the escape and alert system, is progressively deactivated in favor of the parasympathetic nervous system which allows a connection with the deeper self.

Energy massage

50 minutes | € 80.00

This treatment aims to relieve and purify the energy flow in the meridians (energy areas connected to the internal organs) restoring energy to the body.

The use of electro energy stimulation in acupuncture points stimulates the vagus nerve, balances energy circulation and the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation, promoting an extraordinary sense of well-being and vitality.

Reiki treatment

50 minutes | € 80,00

It’s a natural healing treatment that can restore the psycho-physical balance through the use of energy, flowing in and out of our body.
It is carried out by clothes and gives a deep state of relaxation, peace and immediate well-being.

Bioenergetic antistress Californian Method

75 minutes | € 110.00
Method devised by a group of Californian psychotherapists to help veterans from Vietnam to overcome the traumas of the war. The massage, characterized by circular, gentle, repetitive movements, which bring the guest back to the here and now, is recommended for modern traumatized people, stressed by work or today’s hectic life.

Hot Stone

75 minutes | € 110.00
With the application of hot lava stones to the body, relief and inner well-being is given.

Cupping massage

50 minutes | € 80,00

Massage with the use of cups, which with their suction cup action exert a deep drainage and a disconnection of connective tissue.

It stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes the elimination of excess fluid, reduces cellulite and re-balances the energy of internal organs through specific work on the tendon-muscle meridians.

Yoga Massage

50 minutes | €80.00
Maneuvers to release the diaphragm, shoulders and pelvis, stimulation of the meridians, tendon-muscles, release of muscle tension and deep contact with oneself. It favors the possibility of fully experiencing the emotions and contacting our most intimate inspirations.
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