The restaurant is open both for our Hotel guests and for external guests.

It is accessible both in summer and in winter from the State road, at the first turn after Ponte di Legno towards Passo del Tonale, precisely in Valsozzine.

You can also reach us on foot, both in summer and in winter, from the asphalted cycle-pedestrian path of Valsozzine, we are located a few meters above the renowned Valsozzine Park.

In winter, it can also be reached on skis from the Pegrà ski run, the returning ski run from Passo del Tonale to Ponte di Legno.

Our Menu


  • Cheese flan

    saffron potato mousse, pork rinds
    Allergens: 1, 6, 14

  • Plate of charcuterie

    cold meats and pickled vegetables
    Allergens: 10

  • Beef tartare

    smoked mayonnaise, red onion gel, dandelion capers, rocket oil
    Allergens: 14

  • Zucchini panna cotta

    summer vegetables, guacamole
    Allergens: /

  • Char tartare

    cucumber extracted juice, green apple gel, radish
    Allergens: 9

  • Culaccia and tomato

    culaccia, tomato, eggplant caviar and stracciatella
    Allergens: 6

First courses

In the Pan

  • Pork belly CBT

    blueberry BBQ sauce, black garlic potatoes,puntarelle
    Allergens: 6, 10, 11

  • Seared trout

    cannellini bean hummus and lettuce sauce
    Allergens: 9

  • Rabbit loin

    purèe with Franciacorta wine shades, currant sauce, baby carrot
    Allergens: 6, 10


  • Beef tanderloin
    with baked potatoes
  • Sliced beef steak
    with baked potatoes
  • Rib-eye beef steak
    with baked potatoes
  • Florentine beef
    with baked potatoes

Our Desserts

  • Coconut

    coconut and lime mousse, tropical insert, mango and passion fruit sorbet, corn and coconut crumble, dulce de leche
    Allergens: 6

  • Classic Tiramisù
  • Red Fruits Cheesecake
  • Yogurt and strawberry

    caramelized white chocolate crumble, strawberry mixed yogurt ice cream, strawberry coulis and powder
    Allergens: 2, 6

  • Chamomile

    smooth chamomile cream, amaretto crumble, apricot sorbet and honeycomb
    Allergens: 2, 5, 6, 14

  • Ice cream with love

    homemade ice cream
    Allergens: 6

List of allergens present in the preparations

[1] Peanuts / peanut products.

[2] Cereals containing gluten such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut and their derived strains.

[3] Fish and fish products.

[4] Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations above 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/l in terms of total sulfur dioxide.

[5] Tree nuts.

[6] Milk and milk-based products.

[7] Lupins and lupin products.

[8] Shellfish and shellfish products.

[9] Fish and fish-based products.

[10] Celery and celery products.

[11] Mustard and mustard-based products.

[12] Sesame seeds and sesame products.

[13] Soy and soy products.

[14] Eggs and egg products.

* the asterisk specifies that in the absence of the fresh product, it is possible to use frozen / deep-frozen products from the origin or from fresh products processed and blast chilled in our laboratory with specific equipment.

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